Tracing your Cornish ancestry is made that much easier by the wealth of material on CD and online. This website will help you with your research into your Cornish ancestry. We have CDs and online records of baptisms and other material for various areas in Cornwall. To view these online, you can visit TheGenealogist or FHS-Online.

Cornwall has a long agricultural history, with wool, dairy and meat production playing their role in shaping the landscape. Mining also played its role, with the abandoned engine houses of the tin mines standing as monuments to this once thriving industry. In the 18th and 19th century steam engines were used to pump the water from the mines, taking over from the earlier use of horses and oxon.

The demand for skilled miners in America, Australasia and Africa and the depletion of tin and copper within Cornwall created a migration of Cornish miners worldwide, wherever new mineral wealth was discovered.

Cornish Flag

This site gives you the coverage of what parishes are available on CD, while S&N Genealogy Supplies and GENfair can provide you with Census and Directories for Cornwall on CD.

In the nineteenth century Methodism became very popular, with most of the population of Cornwall attending Methodist chapels. For Methodist and non-conformist records visit BMDRegisters or TheGenealogist

For online research, a subscription to TheGenealogist is a must, with Census, Parish and Non-conformist records online already.

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